About Us

British Autowood is a small business blending traditional techniques with modern materials to bring the woodwork in your British car back to life.  

All manner of interior wood restoration & re-veneering undertaken, classic or modern, as well as custom and sometimes "one off"accessories.

Originally from Cardiff, Wales, we relocated to the USA over thirty years ago, and reside just outside of Orlando, Florida. 

My father was an avid car enthusiast (photo right 1960) and our family history with Jaguar Cars in particular goes back a considerable number of years. Growing up around Mk2's, E-Types, 420's in the 1960's/70's got me interested in these beautiful cars from a young age.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, this is a small business (one man) and I handle all aspects including internet, shipping, design, veneering, polishing etc. Please always include some correspondence and details of the work req'd when shipping your parts, as this is what I refer to when starting the job. I will almost certainly not remember anything or be able to back track from the sea of email :)

For an estimate, or specific quote, please don't hesitate to contact via the form on the front page, or drop me a line britishautowood@gmail.com, and I will endeavor to respond as quickly as  possible. Thank you.