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Jaguar XJS Interior Woodwork Restoration.



Jaguar XJS woodwork stripped and restored exceeding o/e quality, and also new custom "ski-slope" console panels to match.

I introduced these in the late 90's, and they have proved to be a very popular and easily reversable modification.

Pricing for the Jaguar XJS wood set restoration (including a new "cup holder" console panel for the 1988 on models) is as follows; Re-veneer car set in Walnut Burl, Myrtle Burl, Elm etc;

1982-1987: $395.00

1988-1993: $495.00

1994-1996: $545.00

All cars with the rear seats/wood cappings are $545.00

Gold Leaping cat inlays are available for the door wood at minimal extra cost, and also the inlay lines can be added to the doors on those cars not originally equipped (1994-96) at an extra cost of $40. Radio plynths (surrounds) can be veneered at an additional cost of $85.00.

Turnaround time for the XJS is usually 2 weeks, but can stretch to 3 weeks depending on workload. You can still drive the car with the wood removed -- it's not pretty, but having the wood out does not render the car inoperable :) If you have decided on the cup holder console panel, then I do not need your original. Wood removal is quite straightforward,and is covered on my Facebook page linked below. The dash and door wood easily fits in a USPS tube available at the post office.


My shipping details:


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Important: Please remove all metal clips and fittings prior to sending in your woodwork.


XJS facebook page



Purchase Individual Jaguar XJS Wood, Walnut or Elm Burl "Ski-Slope" Consoles.

Standard or with Cup/change Holders 1988-on:

Our unique Jaguar XJS cup-holder "ski-slopes" introduced in the late 90's are now laminated alloy/wood, not the old steel items. The cup inserts are stainless steel and fit coke

cans & regular sized water bottles, and are also very handy for change, your phone etc.. If you don't smoke, then what is the point of those ashtrays? Made to order in 5-7

business days. For automatic transmission cars only. These are genuine wood, not "wood effect".

Please choose the selection that you want from the drop down menu, and make sure it is the correct one for your car. 1988-93 is the short hole panel, and 1994-96 is the

longer one for the 4 speed automatic. If you have a special layout in mind, or a manual gearbox car, please give me the measurements and I can likely make one to order.





Various XJS examples below. You will notice there are many different colours/shades pictured,

this is just a random assortment of photos! If purchasing just the new replacement console, please

send me a photo of your dash and I will try to match it up as best as I can. Thank you.




Before and after: